Vietnam Industrial Fiesta 2016 at Binh Duong Convention & Exhibition Center, Binh Duong, Vietnam

  • 06/16/2016

VIETNAM Industrial Automation Fiesta (IAF) 2016 is introduced in assisting industrial suppliers, engineering services and sub-contractors to meet with local industries’ end users, engineering companies, OEMs, sub-contractors in general manufacturing and high technological precision manufacturing. VIETNAM IAF 2016 is aiming at the maximum interaction among industry and automation personnel from Plant & Factory Engineering, Production, Maintenance, R & D & Project Engineering, QA / QC & Lab, Safety, Environmental, Facility Management, Purchasing and other engineering related departments to get updates on technologies being applied to the industries.


Thaian Safety have shown efforts in demonstrating the importance of using Haws MSR safety product and ANSI standard. Portable bundle models are present too!