Emergency Water Tempering Booth

Model: 8785

Model 8785 water resistant, polyurea membrane-encased, steel-reinforced wooden booth tempering system that comes equipped with internal hot water system, blending system and space heater. Designed to be installed in freezing environments. System is designed to supply tempered water to emergency shower and/or eyewash.


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Model 8785 heated enclosed tempering system shall include an all-weather foam insulated booth made of a membrane encapsulated wood structure with bright yellow elastomeric chemically resistant waterproof coating, protected with UV inhibitors. This single or multiple shower and/or eyewash feeder is designed to operate with a number of tempering and electrical options. The internal booth temperature is maintained by a natural convection 2.5 KW space heater. The tank water temperature is maintained by a 4KW immersion heater. The electrical system requires 208/240 VAC single phase, 3-wire, 40 Amp minimum, though it can be easily adapted for other voltages upon request. The 8785 tempering booth utilizes the Haws Tempered Water Blending System to provide tempered water under dire situations, and incorporates fail-safe features like anti-scald protection and full flow cold water bypass in the event of hot water failure.

Perfect for outdoor facilities that may encounter dangerous chemical hazards and need a complete tempering system, and/or need a feeder to other remote booth substations or other drench systems and/or eyewash stations.


Fully assembled and Engineer tested product that is ready for placement and hook-up.


Foam-insulated, membrane encapsulated wooden structure makes the entire composition of booth carry a total R-value of 11. Bright yellow elastomeric membrane is waterproof, chemically resistant, and protected with UV inhibitors for a long lasting finish.


119 Gallon (450 L) Tank (Option No. 21): Stores enough hot water to provide a single 15 minute, 20 gpm (75.7 L) shower. Recovery time of up to 6 hours (Also available in ASME – Option 22). 325 Gallon (1230 L) Tank (Option No. 23): stores enough hot water to provide two 15 minute, 20 gpm (75.7 L) showers before tank recovery is required. Recovery time of up to 18 hours.


Steam Heat Exchanger (Option No. 24): Feed forward instantaneous heat exchanger. Requires 15 PSIG, max. 1300 lb./hr. steam supply.


System can be designed to a number of variations including the hot water supply, the electrical type, and the blending capabilities.


Haws’ standard system requires 208/240 VAC single phase, 3 wire 40 amp (min.), electrical supply. NEMA 4 tank (Option 31), steam (Option 36). NEMA 7 Class I, DIV2, Group B, C, D tank (Option 32), steam (Option 38) (Class l, DIV l also available)

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