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Shower Head: 10” stainless shower head

Activation: Rigid stainless steel pull rod operates a stay open S316 type ball valves that is equipped with stainless steel stem on it.

Eye/face wash

Heads: SP65SS eyewash head come with dust cover to protect heads and automatically release with water pressure.

Activation: Stainless steel push flag operates a stay open type S316 ball valve that is equipped with a stainless steel stem.

Sign: Universal emergency sign included

Water tank: 1200L Stainless steel with top opening for Servicing & guarantee a minimum of 15min of flow. Build in polyethylene insulation.

Grate: Base grate is stainless steel 316

Booth: Stainless steel 316, with #4 finish, enclosed on three sides.

Bacteriostatic water preservative additive: This preservative is to be used only with clean portable water to prevent bacteria growth for up to six months.

Float valve: Automatic refill the water in the tank when water drop below the preset level of water in the tank.

Structure: Heavy duty stainless steel S316 frame provide rigid support to the tank. S316 stainless steel piping & fittings for shower/ eyewash unit. Unit com complete assembly with based for easy installation.

Supply: 2” RF Flange CL150

Overflow: 1-1/4”NPT (F)

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